Midgard Hobbies and Games is a clean, well lit, welcoming environment where both men and women of any age can gather and share their love for their favorite hobbies. By fostering an environment of inclusion we hope to create a family friendly environment. We are a local downtown comic shop and game store for all enthusiasts.


Co-Owner (Loremaster)

Jason is an avid role-player, comic lover, and all around nerd. He loves all things Thor, and has been known to get into arguments about Star Trek trivia. When he's not creating fantastic worlds for his friends to explore, you can usually find him raising money for Boston Children's Hospital through the gaming charity Extra Life


Co-Owner (Warboss)

Scott is Midgard's resident Half Orc Chieftain. After many seasons of adventuring, he's decided to settle down and open an Inn. But since all the good Inns were taken by squishy elves and halflings, He built a hall and filled it with merriment instead.


Co-Owner (Part-Time Paladin™)

AJ is Midgard's resident Part-Time Paladin™ and full time tech guy. His quest for glory is rivaled only by his desire to properly maintain our website. He practices the mystical and arcane arts of coding to make the world a better place (if you have WiFi.) When not fulfilling his vows, he trains his personal army of three miniature knights-errant and loving battle maiden.


Store Manager (Defender of Midgard)

Maria bears the mantle of Defender of Midgard. As such she rules the land, keeps all the "residents" in line, and has the ability to grant knighthoods and titles. Among her hobbies are mining, herbalism, and tailoring. If you want something done ask Jason. When you get tired of waiting, ask Maria.


Store Employee (Skyknight)

Skynight has journeyed through this realm and the next in search of enlightenment and the true definition of what constitutes a sandwich. When he’s not working at Midgard, he can usually be found hanging out at Midgard. Fun fact, Wolverine is actually a Skynight cosplay.